Japanese Developing Car Seats that Identify Drivers

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Can sensors in your car seat prevent it from being stolen?

Advancements in the automotive industry are always ongoing. While more enthusiasts are interested in things such as engine and other powertrain developments, many others find things such as infotainment systems more captivating. And now a group of Japanese researchers from the Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology in Tokyo have developed a car seat that has the ability to identify drivers once they sit down. So does it work? It's pretty simple actually.

The seat is made up of a set of around 360 sensors that measures the pressure people apply when sitting down. Each sensor measures pressure on its own and sends the information to a laptop, which then computes relevant data such as the highest value of pressure, area of contact on the seat, and various other factors. According to the developers, the system has so far been able to identify drivers with a 98 percent accuracy rate. In a report coming from the Japanese business daily The Nikkei, the developers are now hoping to work with automakers in order see their technology come to production cars.

They believe it can be an effective anti-theft tool and hope it'll come to market in the next two or three years. Although it may sound unusual at first, it could actually be a very good idea. And if the system works the way they'd like it to, it would be nearly impossible for a thief to steal a car because no two people are exactly alike. Our only question is what happens when the car's owner gains or loses weight?

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