Japanese Market 2012 Toyota Camry Revealed?

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Some leaked photos scanned from a brochure of the Japanese market 2012 Toyota Camry have been posted online.

There have been several teasers and unofficial videos of the next generation 2012 Toyota Camry appearing online lately. The teasers have been giving us a decent indication of what the North American version will look like when it arrives at showrooms later this fall. Thanks to a VW Vortex forum member, we can now see a scanned pictures from an unnamed Japanese magazine that features a brochure that appears to the upcoming Japanese domestic market 2012 Camry.

If these pictures do show the actual car, again this is just speculation, then the next generation model will most certainly be receiving a different fascia with reshaped headlamps and modified taillights than the North American version. In the folded and scanned brochure, two engines are listed: a 2.5-liter unit dubbed the 2AR-FXE and a 2.4-liter unit codenamed 2AZ-FXE. Both engines are connected to an electric motor, which explains the two different output numbers and will be offered on the Camry Hybrid. This Camry will specifically be for the Asia Pacific region. In turn, North America and Europe will share the same version.

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