Jason Bourne Is Back And He's Smashing Up Tons Of Cars Again

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Imagine the insurance paperwork.

The last time we heard from super black ops agent Jason Bourne was back in 2007. That's when "The Bourne Ultimatum" was released and it supposedly gave our hero a satisfying finale. Supposedly. Nine years and one somewhat decent Jeremy Renner-led spinoff later, Matt Damon is back in his signature role in "Jason Bourne." Really, that's the title. Not something like "The Bourne Badass" or "The Bourne Forget the Previous Movie."

This time Tommy Lee Jones has joined the cast and judging from the new official trailer, the movie looks awesome. That Las Vegas car chase scene featuring a Dodge Charger (Hellcat?) has the potential to be epic. "Ronen" epic? We'll find out when "Jason Bourne" comes to theaters on July 29. But for now, you've gotta see this trailer.

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