Jason Momoa Should Win An Award For This 1965 Mustang Restomod

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If you still feel nostalgic thinking about your first car, you'll be able to relate.

Actor Jason Momoa is best known for bringing captivating characters to life on the big screen in films like Justice League and Aquaman. But his latest project involves the revival of another legend in the shape of a 1965 custom Ford Mustang.

In a video shared on YouTube titled My Wife's 1965 Ford Mustang, Momoa shares the heartwarming restoration story of his wife's car, apparently the first car she had ever owned at just 17. This particular Mustang with custom parts is one of three ever made. It's clear from the outset that the tired Mustang needed some love, with quite a lot of rust on the body.

divine1customs/Instagram divine1customs/Instagram Jason Momoa/YouTube Jason Momoa/YouTube

With the help of Divine1Customs, work began on the drop-top Mustang. After being almost entirely disassembled, in came a freshly repaired body painted in stealthy black. Everything, from the dials to the black leather seats and more, was replaced. A new soft top was also installed, allowing for wind-in-the-air motoring.

Although no technical details were shared regarding the project, this particular restoration is more for the nostalgia than anything else. Eventually, it was ready to be unveiled to Lisa Bonet, who couldn't hide her admiration. "Holy cow, that is gorgeous!" she exclaimed, before the family took it for a spin.

Jason Momoa/YouTube Jason Momoa/YouTube Jason Momoa/YouTube Jason Momoa/YouTube

"This is a big dream come true because this was my wife's first car," said Momoa. As one of the most influential cars ever made, the Mustang remains an American treasure and the first-generation model, like Momoa's restomod, remains highly sought-after. While some are worth more than a new Ferrari or Porsche, one can't quite put a price on this 1965 black beauty's incredible story.

"This is 14 years in the making," said Momoa. "I wanted to surprise my wife with her first car she ever bought and bring it back to life and into our family." Mission accomplished.

divine1customs/Instagram divine1customs/Instagram divine1customs/Instagram Jason Momoa/YouTube Jason Momoa/YouTube Jason Momoa/YouTube

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