Jay Kay Attends Classic Porsche Meet

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The Jamiroquai front man spoke about his 911 2.7 RS while attending last month's Classics at the Castle Porsche meet.

Classics at the Castle is a unique annual event for owners of classic Porsches, where historic Porsche competition cars and world-class examples of classic production cars built between 1948 and 1973 gather on the beautiful grounds of Hedingham Castle, built in 1140 in Essex, England. A special parade to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Carrera RS was a highlight of the event, as was the parade up the hill that saw 356, 912, 914 and 911 models wow the crowds.

Renowned supercar collector Jay Kay of Jamiroquai fame graced the show with his very special aubergine-colored 2.7 RS, and Gordon Robertson, Chief Porsche Driving Consultant, got the chance to chat with the British pop star about his beloved motor. Check out the interview before perusing the mega-gallery of classic Porsches below.

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