Jay Kay Visits Ferrari

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Jamiroquai front-man travels without moving through the gates at Maranello. But did he place an order for the new LaFerrari while he was there?

Many celebrities love their Ferraris: – Eric Clapton, Ralph Lauren, Nick Mason, Nicholas Cage… the list goes on, but few are quite as enthralled with the Prancing Horse as Jay Kay. The Jamiroquai front-man has a Ferrari-heavy collection of some 60 cars and has been known to sample the engine notes of Ferraris on his tracks. He adapted the company's logo for one of his album covers, and was wearing a Ferrari vest when he set the lap record on Top Gear.

Jay Kay gets unfettered access to private viewings of the latest cars. When the 458 Spider hit, Jay Kay got an exclusive preview at the factory. And with the new LaFerrari on the scene, he dropped by to check that out, too. While he was there, he met with Luca di Montezemolo, and sampled the personalization options available in the Atelier Ferrari, where he was photo'd next to an F12 Berlinetta. No word on whether he placed an order this time, but sources are already speculating that he's put his deposit down for one of the 499 LaFerraris to join his F40, F50 and Enzo.

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