Jay Leno and the First Production Lambo

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The first production Lamborghini that wasn't a tractor stops by Leno's garage for a discussion about its history and legacy as well as the requisite test drive.

Jay Leno has made no secret of his passion for Lamborghinis. As the owner of several classic models - including a couple of Miuras and a Countach - Leno (somewhat surprisingly) doesn't own any Ferraris. He's strictly a Lamborghini man. Today the president of the Lamborghini Club of America stops by Leno's garage to show and discuss a 1965 Lamborghini 350 GT, Ferruccio's first automobile after years in the tractor business, of which only about 135 were ever built.

Because of its aluminum body construction, it was actually quite light, which was reflected in its solid performance abilities. Unlike modern Lamborghinis, the 350 GT has a front-engine setup instead of the V12 located at midship. But despite its age, the 350 GT is a pure driver's GT car - one that gave old man Enzo a run for his money.

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