Jay Leno And Tim Allen Still Had Semi-Mullets In This 1996 Burnout Contest

Ah yes, the 90s.

They are perhaps two of the biggest gearhead celebrities you can find today. In fact, both Jay Leno and Tim Allen were gearhead big shots nearly 20 years ago. Not much has changed since that time, except that both men are off the air. Man, we miss Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor on “Home Improvement” and Leno’s "The Tonight Show" opening monologues. Anyway, digging back in the archives we found this old video clip of a burnout contest between these two from 1996.

The segment was taped for an episode of The Tonight Show with Leno driving a V6 Buick Grand National "with an extra turbocharger" and Allen in a modified Mustang. Kind of hilarious watching them both claim these are their wives’ cars. Equally hilarious are the semi-mullets both were sporting. Ah, the 90s....

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