Jay Leno Brought A 850-HP Bazooka To A Knife Fight


It wasn't technically cheating, but when you're outclassed plans need to be made!

There's plenty of avid car collectors strewn across the world, and as with most things, some are more famous than others; like Jay Leno, with Tool Time's Tim Allen a pretty close second. When a pair of collectors like these guys are friends, things will often get interesting. If you add the fact that they're both actors, you already know the BS levels will be high too. When Jay invited Tim around for a stock vs stock drag race this was clearly evident.

The rules were simple, bring a stock car to a strip of tar and race. Jay's '66 Dodge Coronet may have been the special big block edition, but Tim's "stock" Ford Fairlane had the unfair advantage of having a full transplant from Ford GT.

That 5.4-liter V8 would have been enough to do the job, but a few pounds of supercharged boost pretty much sealed the deal, prompting Leno to fetch his "wife's" Toyota Camry. It's not mentioned who really owns the Sleeper Camry, but whoever does has one of the coolest boring cars ever produced thanks to a raid on the Toyota parts bin. A heap of Tundra parts, a tube frame chassis and a supercharged 5.7-liter V8 are cleverly masked by a stock Camry body and wheels. So two serious car collectors, one drag strip, a fine example of American Muscle and an amazing feat of engineering under the Japanese carmaker's banner and the result is? Click play and see for yourself.

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