Jay Leno Can Get Any Car He Wants And Yet This Is His Latest Buy?!

They don't call him the Denim Chin for nothing.

He owns more than 160 cars and 117 motorcycles and the collection won’t stop there. Now that Jay Leno is officially retired as host of the "The Tonight Show," he’s able to devote all of his time and money towards building one of the greatest private car collections in the world. To say he’s got great automotive taste is an understatement. His style of clothes, well, that’s something else. The guy has got a thing for denim. Always has. So why not combine his fashion sense (if you can call it that) with his automotive passion?

And that’s how the Denim Car came to be. The Leno 501 is so advanced it even runs on laundry detergent. Don’t believe us? It’s not like the people over at Funny Or Die just make this stuff up or anything.

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