Jay Leno Checks Out a Rally Fighter

Not normally into off-road vehicles, Jay Leno is clearly impressed by what Local Motors has created - a community-built 4x4 rally racer.

Jay Leno admits that he doesn't know every car company that's out there. But because he's Jay Leno, automakers big and small are more than willing to drop by his garage to personally show him their latest projects. Today Jay receives a visit from Jay Rogers, CEO of Local Motors. As a former Marine and lifelong car guy, Rogers started a car company that combines both his love for cars and advanced technology. What you see before you is an international community-designed creation.

Basically how it works is that the global community designs your car and then you head over to the US factory to build it. It's not a kit car, but a component car. Each car is made from a ground-up platform and with GM components. For those who love off-roading, this rally fighter is more than ideal.

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