Jay Leno Drives a Hurst Challenger

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Even to this day, Hurst Performance continues to build the some of the finest muscle cars on the road - where they're street-legal, that is.

Fans of Mopar and anything Challenger-related will immediately know the Hurst name, known as it is for custom Dodges. As a Mopar fan himself, Leno is the owner of two Challengers, an original 1970 Hemi Challenger and a modern LX platform model. But today Leno takes a closer look at a Hurst Performance Challenger. With the legendary Hurst name still alive and well today, the company continues to do what it does best: adding power and performance. They do such a good job that their cars are not legal in all 50 states due to emissions standards.

This Hurst Performance Challenger has a little over 570 horsepower and 525 lb-ft of torque thanks to a new Vortex supercharger. Packing some added interior bits (note the Hurst shifter), this is an unquestionably cool car, and it sounds just as incredible.

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