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Jay Leno Drives Datsun 240Z in Japan

The Denim Chin heads off to Japan where he drives a special version of the first Z car and gets the inside scoop on its next successor.

Most of the time, when Jay Leno tests a car, the automaker brings it to his garage. But this time, the Denim Chin flew out to Japan to visit Nissan's headquarters and drive the legendary Fairlady Z. Before meeting up with Nissan's chief designer Shiro Nakamura for a chat about the next-generation Z car, Leno takes a special edition 240ZG for a drive through the streets of Zama. Then it's back to the office where he's told about a special Z model Nissan is planning for its 80th anniversary next year.

The car collector king wraps up by offering his own ideas as to what he would like in the 370Z successor, scheduled for 2014/15. Check out what he comes up with by watching the full episode below.

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