Jay Leno Drives Lexus LFA Spyder

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A limited run of convertible LFAs is in the cards, but this is the only LFA Spyder that Lexus will ever build. Leno got to hoon it around the Fuji Speedway.

Talkshow host and car collector extraordinaire Jay Leno is currently visiting Japan, and having finished touring the Nissan factory, it was off to the Lexus facility where the $375,000 LFA supercar is put together. After walking the production line, where it takes 90 people three days to hand-assemble each machine before it is given a 10-day, 7,000-point inspection, the Denim Chin gets to drive a unique LFA Spyder. The speedster previews a run of 500 LFA roadsters which Lexus plans to build after all 500 coupes are spoken for.

This one-off LFA Spyder, which Leno drives on the Fuji Speedway, packs the same 560-horsepower engine as the coupe, but without a roof of any kind to get between the driver and the high-pitched wail of the 4.8-liter V10.

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