Jay Leno Drives The $1.25 Million 'New' 1957 Jaguar XKSS

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It's actually the second XKSS he's driven.

It never ceases to amaze how easily Jay Leno can get hold of special cars, or manages to put together videos of famous people that no one else can. He's just done it again with the "new" 1957 Jaguar XKSS, the latest classic recreation of an iconic car by an automaker. The first of the recreations that will serve as reference for the nine that will follow (with original matching numbers from the time of manufacture in 1956), was in LA for this year's auto show, and Jay managed to get it to his garage.

Leno has some rare Jaguars in his garage, so it's a brand that's he's familiar with. He's also driven an original XKSS before that belonged to Steve McQueen.

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Tim Hannig, the Director of Jaguar Land Rover Classic, took the car to Leno's Garage so they the pair could have a good look at it, inside and out. It's one thing reading about the car in releases and such, but being able to see a video of it makes us appreciate the car a whole lot more. We're not quite sure if we'd pay in the region of $1,250,000 for one of the nine set to be produced, but nine people will. Jay did sort of hint that Tim could leave the car there though, we're not sure if this is his way of saying he wants one, but if anyone can afford one, he can. Another thing the video confirms for us is that the 262-hp 3.4-liter straight six-cylinder Jaguar D-type engine sounds just about perfect.

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