Jay Leno Gets In-Depth on 1952 MG TD Hot Rod Build, Now with V8 Power


So easy to make it go, something of a project to make it stop.

The word "hotrod" is something of a loaded one. Where these days, more often than not, it is used to describe lead sled trailer queens, cars with loud V8 rumbles, but which don't really move all that quick. But there was a time when everything was forsaken in the name of speed. That's why the 1932 Ford Coupe was so popular, it was light, easy to strip off anything nonessential, and was easy to fit with a giant V8 to make it go.

The hotrod you see here might be immaculate, but it is very much in that spirit. It was an incredibly small and light car fitted with a big V8. Nothing fancy, just a small car with a big engine. Jay will tell you all about it.

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