Jay Leno Got Colin Powell And Joe Biden Together For A Corvette Drag Race


This is what will bring Democrats and Republicans together.

Jay Leno has some serious pull. How else do you explain him being able to get Joe Biden some time with his 1967 Corvette? What we didn’t know was that the Denim Chin got Colin Powell, as in former Secretary of State Colin Powell, out as well. Powell brought along his own Corvette, a 2015, which he says his kids bought him as a birthday gift. Before you say “aww,” know that Powell’s kids ended up handing him the bill for the car! Now when you have two Corvettes together the only logical thing to do is race them.

There’s not yet video of the race out because the episode of “Jay Leno’s Garage” that Biden and Powell star in hasn’t been released yet. The good news is that there’s a teaser clip out.

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Despite being on opposite sides of the aisle Biden and Powell seem to get along just fine. Maybe that’s because the two have a passion for American muscle? That’s got to be it. In these times of strife we all need to dig deep and remember what unites us all: affordable two-doors with massive V8 engines.