Jay Leno Just Broke His One-Of-One Custom Jet Car

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When the car is one-of-one, parts can't be cheap.

We all know that Jay Leno is one of the world's biggest car collectors. As such, he has cars that weren't just "bought from the dealership." One prime example is his amazing GM EcoJet. The EcoJet was built in collaboration with GM's Advanced Design Studio and Honeywell which provided a LTS101 turbine engine. The car produces 650 horsepower, and is a truly unique creation and the only one of its kind. No one else could walk into GM and ask to buy another EcoJet, which just shows how important Jay Leno is as a customer.

Leno actually drives all of his cars, and the EcoJet is no exception. For an upcoming segment on his show, Leno takes famous American astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson out for a top speed run in the car.

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Leno takes Tyson to the Edwards Air Base in California to test the EcoJet, and everything starts off normally. Unfortunately, when the car hits about 120 mph, the driver side window blows out. Leno carries on and gets the car up to 165 mph, which must have been exciting seeing as he was missing a window. It can't be cheap to replace a window on a one-off car, but Leno can probably afford it.

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