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Jay Leno Learns Why This Stunning White Ferrari 308 GTB Is Priceless

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Jay Leno checks out this immaculate '80s Ferrari.

Certain cars come to define eras. The Ford Mustang perfectly captured the spirit of the 1960s, the Ford Model T in the 1920s, and perhaps the Tesla Model S will eventually represent the shift in propulsion technology in the 2010s. For the 1980s, one of the defining cars was the Ferrari 308. Ferrari can thank the crime drama TV show Magnum, P.I. and its mustachioed star Tom Selleck for the 308's icon status. For eight seasons, Selleck's private investigator character Tom Magnum drove a very conspicuous red 308 GTS around Oahu, Hawaii, solidifying the 308 as the car to have in the minds of every boy in the 1980s.

Nonetheless, Ferrari 308s are some of the most affordable used Ferraris left, and especially if they are not painted in the trademark red hue, as is the 1984 Ferrari 308 GTB that recently appeared on Jay Leno's Garage. This white example, owned by Donnie Callaway, however, has a unique backstory that makes it a priceless addition to Callaway's garage.

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As a child, Callaway's father raced Ferraris, and the presence of the Italian supercars in Los Angeles only added to the allure. He would go on to pursue a job as a technician in an attempt to get as close as possible to his favorite company's cars. His persistence eventually landed him a job at a dealership, where he got to spend his days working on and driving Ferraris. However, there was one car, a white 308 GTB, that the dealership just couldn't manage to sell.

While it sat on the showroom floor collecting dust, Callaway fell in love with the car, begging his bosses to let him buy it and even offering up his whole paycheck. They said no, and eventually one day he arrived at work to find it gone.

Fast forward over 20 years, and Callaway's regular parts supplier calls him up and offers him a Ferrari 308 GTB. There's one catch, his supplier admits-it's white. Callaway decides to buy it, and as he is looking through the paperwork, he notices a familiar name-it was sold through the dealership he worked at. After being reunited with his dream car, Callaway undertook an extensive restoration, and you can learn more about the details of the car and see it being driven on the road in the video on Jay Leno's Garage.