Jay Leno Meets the 911 Urban Outlaw

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Everyone has their favorite car, but not everyone dedicates their life's work to the extent that Angus Walker has to the Porsche 911.

Magnus Walker has one passion in life: the Porsche 911. Known as the Urban Outlaw and the subject of a recent documentary of the same name, Walker has his own garage in downtown Los Angeles where he dedicates his life's work to the buying, selling and restoration of the classic German sports car. After viewing the new documentary, Jay Leno invited Walker to be a guest on his automotive web series and low and behold, the guy brought a 911 with him. Go figure.

Walker didn't bring just any old 911, though; he brought an unrestored streetable track car. Walker is also an artist and he shows just a few of the unique details that he likes to add when giving an old 911 an entirely new take on life. Check out the video and you'll get a better idea as to why Angus Walker is just one of the coolest gearheads out there.

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