Jay Leno’s 1917 Fiat Botafogo Special Impresses the Locals

Leno makes a pit stop in one of his most unique cars, giving onlookers the chance to check out its 22-liter aero-engine.

Inspired by Lord Eldridge's Fiat Special Mephistopheles, the Botafogo was built in Argentina using a 21.7-liter big-six cylinder aero-engine taken from a WW1 Fiat plane.

The awe-inspiring piece of automotive history was originally put together without brakes or transmission, and was capable of hitting 146mph. Jay Leno naturally has this unique car in his collection and was recently spotted taking it for a spin. He duly stopped to give onlookers the chance to check out the behemoth-sized engine, which has enough torque at 800rpm to pull down a building thanks to its six toilet bowl-sized pistons, each of which is equivalent to a 350 Chevy.

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