Jay Leno's 2017 Ford GT Cost Over $500,000

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Now we know the base price for the new Ford GT.

Ford was notoriously selective on who it granted access to its GT halo supercar. Prospective buyers were subjected to a rigorous application process. Celebrities applied, but many were rejected. Jay Leno was one of the lucky few deemed worthy enough to purchase the new GT. The chat show host and avid car enthusiast seemed like an obvious choice: he owned the previous Ford GT, and his popular YouTube channel has nearly two million subscribers to give the supercar some spotlight.

Leno recently received delivery of his GT, number 12 to roll off the production line, and was keen to show off his 647-horsepower supercar. What he didn't mention, however, was how much it cost to spec. Unsurprisingly, Ford hasn't been forthcoming about how much the supercar costs. However, one curious Reddit user has discovered that Leno's GT had an MSRP of $505,750. After watching Leno's first drive video of the GT, the user looked up the VIN listed on the car which Leno briefly displayed in the video. They were then able to look up his window sticker, which revealed a detailed options list for Leno's specific GT. It also confirms that the base price for the Ford GT starts at a whopping $450,750.

Leno loaded his GT with $55,000 worth of optional extras, bringing the total to $505,750. The 400A package raises the price by $25,000 alone. Leno also paid $15,000 for exposed carbon fiber 20-inch wheels, while the color combination of black with orange racing stripes cost an additional $10,000. Titanium lug nuts and orange brake calipers added another $2,000 to the total price. Don't forget that the GT is an extremely exclusive supercar to justify the asking price. Ford plans to build the supercar for the next four years, with 250 cars built in 2017 and another 250 scheduled for next year. All 500 slots have already been allocated, but Ford will reopen applications for the next batch at a later date.

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