Jay Leno's Bentley Has an Airplane Engine

This thing weighs three tons.

It may be a 1930 Bentley, but Jay Leno sure knows how to make it better than it was ever intended to be. You’re likely aware (or should be) of the famous Bentley Boys, a group of rich English chaps from the 1920s who loved to race Bentleys. Anyway, Leno’s ATG Bentley GJ 400 would have been their dream machine. Instead of going for a more conventional car engine, Leno opted for a 27-liter Merlin aircraft engine.

It’s not a jet engine, but it was built by Rolls-Royce and used to power World War II era fighter planes. Obviously, this particular Bentley was not originally outfitted with this engine, but thanks to Leno and his huge bank account, he was able have this thing hand-built.

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