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Jay Leno's McLaren P1 Arrives in the US

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It's also the first model to touch down in the USA.

The first McLaren P1 has arrived in the US and is bound for Jay Leno's Garage. Caught being unloaded at McLaren Beverly Hills, the British hypercar was wearing its factory car cover but you can clearly see that the former Tonight Show host has ordered the P1 in a gorgeous shade of Volcano Yellow. According to eyes and ears on the ground, Leno's P1 was unloaded multiple times to capture the perfect take for what is sure to be a future webisode on the funny man's garage series.

We can't wait for the stand up to get behind the wheel of his new ride to see how he reacts to having 903 horsepower and 664 lb-ft of torque at his mercy. As a McLaren F1 owner, he's also perfectly placed to assess just how much of a quantum leap forward the new hypercar has really made.

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