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Jay Leno Shows Off his 1924 Bentley

In this latest installment of Jay Leno's Garage, the Denim Chin demonstrates his classic Bentley Twin Turbo.

Jay Leno not only owns an extremely impressive collection of cars but he's also an encyclopedia of automotive history. In this latest episode of his web series, the Denim Chin takes us over to the Bentley section of his personal car museum (yes, there's a whole Bentley section) where we're given a thorough review of his 1924 Bentley Twin Turbo. Even without a turbocharger, the car produces somewhere around 400 to 450 horsepower and up to 900 lb-ft of torque, give or take.

Delving into both the brand's early history and its impressive mechanical and technological advances, Jay discusses the restoration work done to get this car up and running again. Fortunately, it seems that he made sure it remained as original as possible.

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