Jay Leno Takes Adam Corolla's 1966 Ferrari 330 GT for a Spin

A couple of comedian car guys talk about why they love old Ferraris.

Jay Leno is known for not owning any modern Ferraris in his famous and well stocked garage. He just thinks they're too complicated. Fair enough, but when fellow car guy/comedian/pod cast host Adam Carolla stops by with his 1966 Ferrari 330 GT 2+2, Leno makes it clear that he still likes older Ferraris, specifically those from the "Superamerica" era beginning in the late 1950s, which he proudly states are the Ferraris from his youth.

As the two car guys examine and discuss the Ferrari, they also reflect back on the great era of cars when it was all about design instead of government regulations that forced automakers to include safety bits such as large plastic bumpers, dashboard padding, and many other additions which took something away from true design.

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