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Jay Leno Thinks The Toyota Prius Is A Future Collector’s Car

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Yes, really.

Jay Leno is a renowned celebrity car collector, so it's safe to say he knows a thing or two about cars that increase in value over time. Speaking to Business Insider, the talk show host has revealed which modern cars he thinks will become future classics – and some of his selections may surprise you. For example, Leno thinks the first-generation Toyota Prius will become a desirable collector's car one day. "I think you'll see the first-generation Priuses where people will say look how simple it is compared to the modern stuff," he said.

Given how ubiquitous the Prius is right now, the idea of it becoming a sought-after collectible may seem hard to believe. It makes sense when you think about it, though. Love it or hate it, the Prius is a seminal car that helped make hybrids mainstream when it first launched in 1999. "It's whatever you grew up in. It's whatever you went to your prom in. It's whatever your dad used to take you to Sunday ice cream in," Leno explained to the publication. "That's the car the next generation will collect. It's as much about the memories as it is about the car." Other early examples of electric cars such as the Genral Motors EV1 are also likely to increase in value.

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I think you'll see people collecting the first generation of electric cars," he said. "Someone offered me one the other day for $440,000." Another car Leno thinks we should watch is the Mazda MX-5 Miata. "I think the Miata will be the Ford Mustang of the next generation," he said. It's a popular choice for enthusiasts who want a fun and affordable roadster, so we wouldn't be surprised if it becomes a future classic.