Jay Leno Would Absolutely Love The Denim-Clad Mazda MX-5 Levanto

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It's basically his closet on four wheels.

On the outside the custom Mazda MX-5 Levanto from Garage Italia Customs looks pretty damn good. Named after a town on Italy's northern coast, the custom job features a unique two-tone paint job. The light bronze bottom and sky blue top combine to create a classy and eye-catching combination. Lapo Elkann, founder of Garage Italia Customs and the person behind this project, said the car was inspired (at least in part) by "The Endless Summer," a 1966 surfing documentary.

The goal was to combine "the legendary aesthetic of the California beach boy" with the "sophisticated elegance typical of the Italian Riviera." On the outside that seems to have been a success, but the inside is another story. The cabin is completely covered in Japanese denim. Sure there's some Alcantara on the seats but the Levanto packs so much denim it could make Jay Leno blush. Check out the interior for yourself and let us know if Garage Italia Customs went overboard. And before you ask, no, it didn't tune the engine. No one makes the MX-5 faster. No one!

Source Credits: www.carscoops.com

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