Jaywalking Dog Causes TWO Ferrari 488 GTBs To Crash Into Each Other


Two 488 GTBs wrecked in the same accident is why we can't have nice things.

China is one of Ferrari’s biggest markets, so we’re not all that shocked by the fact that two Ferrari 488 GTBs recently wrecked there. This wasn’t two individual crashes, though. According to Car News China, the official story is that the two Ferraris were just driving down the street when a dog ran in front of the car in the lead, the white one. It hit the brakes to avoid killing the dog and the silver 488 ended up rear-ending its brother before slamming into a traffic barrier. Car News China finds this story suspicious for a few reasons.

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For starters, the license plates of both cars are covered up. This could be to prevent online embarrassment or to stave off possible repercussions at work (or from the Chinese communist party). But if the accident was caused by a dog why would the drivers need to go to these lengths? Also, why were they so close together on the street? We agree with Car News China that these cars were probably racing. A dog may have caused the wreck—indeed it appears the poor pooch’s body is visible in one shot—but we doubt these two drivers were leisurely cruising down the street at the time of the accident. If we owned a Ferrari 488 and so did our friend we would probably try and see which paint color is faster too.

A new 488 goes for around $626,000 in China, making this accident almost three times as costly than if it had happened in the US. The white 488 took a beating but it looks great compared to the silver one that is now missing a face. Something tells us these guys will be able to foot the repair bills. Photos by Sina News.