JB Car Design: Murcielago LP 640

In the last Batman film, Bruce Wayne's car of choice was a Lamborghini Murcielago. Now we are presented by JB Car Design's tuned up version of the Murcielago, known as the Bat. The German tuner's retrofitted Murcielago LP 640 is available with either a 710 or 750 horsepower. But the defining characteristic of the Bat is not the horsepower, but rather the car's styling. There's a new front bumper and splitter, side skirts, and rear bumper with diffuser that gives the LP640 a Reventon look.

The interior has seen some changes as well and has been re-trimmed in different leather, Alcantara and carbon fiber, along with a new steering wheel and sound system. Per usual, as with most tuning kits, these components for engine, body and cabin can be purchased separately or as a comprehensive package. The catch is that JB will only be producing 75 units of the body kit.

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