JDM Rebadging For Mitsubishi And Nissan


Mitsubishi is going to try to give the brand some new life with a new flagship sedan.

With the obvious exception of the Evo, Mitsubishi has a pretty forgettable vehicle lineup these days. In an effort to inject some personality back into the brand, for the Japanese market anyway, Mitsubishi will be bringing a flagship luxury sedan back to their lineup. The car will likely be called Diamante, the name of their previous luxury sedan which as discontinued back in 2004. Mitsubishi won't be building the new sedan themselves though.

The car will be a rebadged Nissan Fuga, which is known to North Americans as the Infiniti M. Nissan is also throwing in the NV200 Vanette for rebadging purposes, and in exchange they will be getting the Mitsubishi Minicab-MiEV, a small electric commercial van. Nissan sells the Fuga with the option of a V6, V8, hybrid or diesel engine, but so far it isn't clear which of these will be available in cars wearing a Mitsubishi badge. So far, there are no plans to sell any of these vehicles in any markets other than Japan.

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