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JDM Toyota GT 86 Gets Special TRD And Style Cb Editions, No Such Love For The Rest Of The World

Special Edition

At least we're used to the idea by now.

Two new special editions of what is known in Japan as the GT 86 (and here as the Scion FR-S) have just been announced for the Japanese domestic market. One is the TRD 14R-60 Edition and the other is the Style Cb. The two are quite different from one another, with the TRD aimed at emphasizing performance. This performance is mostly aerodynamic in nature, with the car coming with a pretty thorough body kit, which includes new lightweight wheels and a big carbon-fiber wing on the back.

The power output, even on the TRD, remains unchanged, which might go some way towards easing the JDM jealousy that you might feeling surging up anew on hearing of these cars. TRD 14R-60 prices start at $31,670. The Style Cb Edition places the emphasis on luxury, and is actually aimed at female buyers. Here the differences are a bit less dramatic, and focus on the interior. There is a special gauge cluster and wood grain inserts. Prices for this edition start at $35,111. But of course the prices are somewhat irrelevant for anyone who doesn't live in Japan, as that is the only place they'll be offered, and only 100 units of each will be built.

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