Je Design Seat Exeo ST

The market for bad-ass station wagons might not be the biggest segment in the business, but those of us who love these cars have some serious love for them. The problem with them comes from the fact that they usually cost a fortune, and so as much as many of us would love an RS6 Avant, the Seat Exeo ST would be a more realistic goal. Of course, the Exeo ST isn't what you'd call bad-ass, but this is where Je Design comes in.

The tuning package that they offer will give a 35hp boost if your Exeo has a diesel mill under the hood, and a 59hp boost if it runs on gasoline. There is a new set of 19-inch wheels, as well as a new suspension setup which includes a 35mm lowering. A body kit gives the exterior a more aggressive look without going overboard. So if a CTS-V wagon isn't quite in your budget, maybe you should give Je Design a call.

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