Jeep Aims to Crack 1M Sales in 2014

Seven-figure sales could happen this year; more likely in 2015.

Jeep sold 568,317 units in 2011, a record-braking 701,626 vehicles in 2012 and shifted another record number in 2013 with 731,565 units. According to Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne, this year Jeep intends to sell one million units worldwide. Increasing sales by 37 percent is no mean feat. In fact, Jeep president Mike Manley said that reaching the one million milestone this year would be a “stretch,” conceding that such a target was more realistic for 2015.

The extra units are expected to come from fantastic Cherokee sales in the US and overseas, while it is strongly felt the new Fiat-based baby Jeep will have an instant impact. Expanded global production and an increased presence in the US, Europe and China should further help boost sales to the fabled seven-figure mark.

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