Jeep Boss Response To Ford Bronco's Roof Problem Is Epic

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Consider it as some friendly rivalry.

The first batch of Ford Bronco owners began noticing the problem almost immediately after taking delivery. Due to a lack of quality control with the molded-in-color hardtop roof, the Blue Oval is replacing every single SUV's roof free of charge. There are no problems with the soft top. Unfortunately, this process will cause further delivery delays but Ford is no doubt doing the right thing. The roof's functionality is unaffected but there is an "unsatisfactory appearance when exposed to extreme water and humidity."

Cross-town rival Jeep, who's been closely monitoring Bronco sales and studying the vehicle itself, is always game for fresh competition.

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President of Jeep North America, Jim Morrison, relishes a good fight but also the chance to poke fun at a competitor. Speaking to The Detroit News at a recent event sponsored by Jeep, the executive had this to say regarding the Bronco's roof issue: "It's going to rain on Saturday, so I don't think there will be any Broncos here this weekend."

Remember, it's all friendly competition, but still competition nonetheless. Morrison further pointed out that even after the Bronco Sport was launched last year problem-free, its Jeep Wrangler rival has since still managed to achieve three consecutive business quarters of record sales. Last May was the SUV's best month ever thanks mainly to the now sold-out Wrangler 4xe plug-in hybrid variant.

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An all-electric Wrangler is due by 2025. "For me, the proof for the strength of the Jeep brand is in the results of the sales it keeps kicking out and more importantly, the passion of our customers that keep staying true to the brand," Morrison said.

And like both Ford and General Motors, Stellantis has been facing supply problems due to the seemingly never-ending semiconductor chip crisis. Morrison said the company's "supply-chain people [are] working around the clock" to keep production moving along. What we're anxiously waiting to do is a head-to-head Wrangler vs. Bronco off-road matchup. That's where things will be truly decided.

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Source Credits: The Detroit News

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