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Jeep Challenges Celebrities To Make The Most Amazing Custom Wranglers

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But which celebrity will build the best Wrangler?

We already knew that the Jeep Wrangler was one of the most customizable cars on the planet. The amount of parts offered on the aftermarket for the Wrangler is simply astonishing, but Jeep's parent company FCA wanted to show that it could participate in the modifying game.

That is why Jeep has announced its first ever web series competition, called "Jeep Wrangler Celebrity Customs." The competition features former baseball player Alex Rodriguez, actress Maria Menounos, and The Infatuation's Andrew Steinthal and Chris Stang.

The celebrities have each chosen a different custom shop including West Coast Customs, DCD Customs, AutoCraft NYC, and will receive Jeep Performance Parts to create their builds. In a six-episode series, we will see each of the celebrities compete to create the coolest custom Wrangler. Three of the episodes have already aired, and the final episode will air on September 27.

The whole thing is hosted by Former NBA player and sports analyst Jalen Rose and fans will be able to vote on their favorite creation from September 27 to the 30 on Jeep.com with the winner announced on October 1.

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Thus far, Menounos has set out to make her Wrangler appeal to the female buyer, by offering more areas on the inside to store stuff - including a dog bed. She says that if you've ever been in a girl's car, there is typically stuff scattered everywhere, but her Wrangler will solve the issue.

Steinthal and Stang are using their culinary expertise to turn their Wrangler into an ice cream truck, while Rodriguez is using his baseball experience to transform his Wrangler into the perfect machine for tailgates.

We won't spoil your decision by telling you which celebrity is our front-runner, but we have no doubt that these celebrities will each build something cool and unique. Let us know in the comments which Wrangler you think will come out on top.