Jeep Creates First Dealership That's Only Accessible By 4x4

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You better have a rugged vehicle if you want to shop here.

In the past, we have seen some interesting stunts by car dealerships to gain publicity. In order to celebrate the company's 75th anniversary, Jeep has created a very unique pop-up dealership. In order to show off how rugged the brand can be, the unique dealership can only be reached with by 4x4. Opened for three days at Robin Hood's Bay in North Yorkshire, UK, Jeep positioned the showroom overlooking the North Sea on the edge of a cliff. The trailer was towed by a Grand Cherokee 75th Anniversary model.

"Jeep has a long and illustrious off-road history," said Damien Dally, head of brand Jeep UK. "In our 75th year, a landmark moment, it seems fitting that we've demonstrated that our vehicles really do go anywhere and can do anything by creating the world's first pop-up dealership which you can only get to in a 4x4."

Jeep will sell 75th anniversary editions of the Grand Cherokee (125 units), Cherokee (125 units), Wrangler (85 units) and Renegade (400 units). We doubt that many people actually visited this dealership, but we wouldn't mind seeing more Jeep lots incorporate some kind of "off-roading experience" for new buyers.

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