Jeep Dealers Are Being Trained To Trash Talk The Ford Bronco

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Dealerships are being specifically trained to prevent Jeep losing customers to Ford.

When you walk into a dealership hunting for a new car, a lot of what you hear should be taken with a grain of salt. It's not that salesmen aren't telling the truth, but more that they've been specifically trained to point out and exaggerate the weaknesses of competitors' offerings.

We saw this in a dealer training guide for the Ford Mustang Mach-E when matched up against the Tesla Model Y and Model 3, and Jeep is now doing the same in trying to lure buyers away from the new Ford Bronco and towards the Wrangler. The Bronco information sheets were shared by BroncoBoi2020! on the Bronco6g forum.

Fiat Chrysler via Bronco6G Fiat Chrysler via Bronco6G Fiat Chrysler via Bronco6G Fiat Chrysler via Bronco6G

A bold line saying "know our advantages over Bronco" indicates Jeep's desire not to be outdone by its new rival, which it acknowledges "has attracted some public interest." That's an understatement considering that the Bronco had allegedly garnered 230,000 reservations at the end of last month, which came after the Bronco First Edition quickly sold out.

Somewhat desperately, the guide points out that the Wrangler and its predecessors have been around for almost 80 years, but the Bronco "hasn't been produced for 25 years." The Jeep guide then goes on to point out a range of apparent advantages in the Wrangler's favor. In Jeep's defense, we found that the Wrangler does have the edge in one or two areas in our comparison between the two off-roaders.

Fiat Chrysler via Bronco6G Fiat Chrysler via Bronco6G Fiat Chrysler via Bronco6G Fiat Chrysler via Bronco6G

For example, Jeep claims more accessory choices, more torque from the Wranger's available V6 EcoDiesel engine, and a lower beltline than the Bronco which enhances visibility. Some of these seem to be a bit of grasping at straws and certainly not a reason to ignore the Bronco. Further to this, Jeep says its fold-down windshield isn't offered on the Bronco so it offers a superior open-air experience.

Among numerous other small wins for the Jeep, it also points out the Wrangler's solid front axle suspension for added off-road durability, but the Bronco's independent front suspension has its own benefits. Finally, Jeep boasts of the Bronco having nothing to compare to the Rubicon 392 Concept's 450-horsepower V8, a strange claim since this model has yet to be confirmed for production. So, it's a mix of tangible advantages with some much more frivolous ones. One thing is for certain: Jeep is taking the Bronco threat seriously.

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