Jeep Debuts Rocks Star Concept, A Diesel Wrangler Rubicon That You Can't Have In The US

Even though you'll probably want one.

The folks at Mopar are in constant competition with any number of aftermarket equipment manufacturers with varying degrees of success. But what Mopar has that these manufacturers don't is space at the Geneva Motor Show to show off a Jeep concept laden with optional equipment to entice both future and current Jeep owners. The concept has been given the unfortunate name “Rocks Star”, and the eye-catching yellow and black color scheme is extended to the interior.

We don't have a lost of the specific equipment on the concept, but a lot of it is fairly obvious, like the combination light bar/hoop attached to the A-pillars. The concept has also been given some military-ish style pre-distressed star graphics which possibly won't be for everyone. Also not for everyone, because the EPA won't allow it, is the 2.8-liter diesel engine under the hood. As is often the case with diesels, this is an option for Europe but on the US. The concept will sit alongside the Wrangler Black Edition II at the Geneva Motor Show, for a further example of what is available from Jeep.

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