Jeep Doesn't Care If You Think The Cherokee Is Ugly


Is that funky styling growing on you?

When the all-new Jeep Cherokee was revealed back in 2013, many of us thought its front-end styling was a joke. But it wasn't meant to be. In fact, Jeep was quite proud of it because it wanted the Cherokee to look modern for years to come. It's taken some getting used to but the overall consensus still isn't all that positive. Now it's time for a Cherokee refresh, due in 2016, and according to a report from Automotive News that polarizing look isn't going anywhere.


"I think the overall styling, the overall shape, the overall accommodation of that vehicle is spot on," stated Jeep boss Mike Manley. "I don't think that there's anything that dramatically needs to change with that vehicle going forward." The Cherokee has sold in solid numbers despite various issues, mainly with its transmission software calibration. The refresh will mainly address those latter problems as well as "other quality improvements." But that front-end look is here to stay.

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