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Jeep Expects Next Wrangler to Provoke Land Rover War


The 2018 Wrangler promises to be decidedly un-Fiat.

With an all-new Wrangler announced for 2018, many of the brand's fans have been expressing their concerns over the company's plans. Following the debut of the Fiat-based Renegade, Jeep officials have been stressing the fact the Wrangler will be based on independent architecture. It'll boast a sophisticated drivetrain and off-road capabilities equal to those of the current generation. Jeep expects the Wrangler to be so good, in fact, that it'll provoke a direct rival from Land Rover.

Speaking to Edmunds, Jeep CEO Mike Manley said: "I have no doubt that Land Rover will come into the fight with a product," he said. "They are an incredibly well-known brand on a global basis. It would be incredibly naive of me to not watch Land Rover very closely." With an off-road land war brewing between these legends, we can't wait to see who comes out ahead.

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