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Jeep Gladiator Causing Problems For The Wrangler

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And here's what Jeep is doing about it.

Last month we learned that leasing a new Jeep Gladiator could be better than buying due to unusually low monthly lease prices. There are a few factors dictating why this is the case, but the main point here is that it could also be cheaper to lease a Gladiator than a Wrangler. That Gladiator Sport lease price is listed at $143 a month for 24 months with 10 percent down.

But as Cars Direct has noticed, Jeep is no longer advertising that on its official website. Instead, the cheapest deal now advertised is a 36-month lease at $196 per month. That may not sound like all that much at first, but it's still $53 more every month out of your bank account. It adds up. But why did Jeep decide to take down the cheaper price?

Because it needed to bring its new truck closer in price to the Wrangler Unlimited. And when we say "take down" we only mean it's not advertising that cheaper price. To get it, you'll have to speak with your local Jeep dealer. As for the Wrangler, there's currently an oversupply on dealership lots. We've known about this since last month but it appears there's still extra inventory Jeep needs to offload. To help speed this up, Jeep is currently mailing $1,000 coupons to select potential customers.

All of the Gladiator hype, ironically, has somewhat put a dent in Wrangler Unlimited sales, but it's not exactly a terrible problem to have. Obviously the Gladiator is the star of the show at the moment and enthusiasm will likely wear off somewhat in the coming months.

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But right now, especially with summer nearly here, the Gladiator is stealing the spotlight from the very vehicle it's mechanically based on. For Wrangler Unlimited customers, this also presents a great opportunity to score a great deal at the moment. But if your heart is set on a new Gladiator Sport for just $143 a month, then you'll have to inquire within.