Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 Lives On; Not So For 300 SRT8

Once again, sales figures dictate which cars shall live and what shall die.

Earlier this month, Fiat-Chrysler revealed its five-year plan. When looking over the details, however, we happened to notice something absent from the Chrysler lineup: the 300 SRT8. No mention was made in regards to a next-gen model. However, it was made clear that the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 will continue. There are currently no plans to drop it from the lineup. So back to the Chrysler 300 SRT8. What’s in store for that wonderful Hemi-powered rear-wheel-drive muscle sedan?

Not much, apparently. Car and Driver dug a little a further and thanks to a few internal company sources, it’s been confirmed that the 300 SRT8 won’t last for much longer due to lackluster sales. Amazingly, the Grand Cherokee SRT8 is currently the bestselling model with the SRT badge. Seriously. Basically, it all comes down to sheer sales numbers here. If a particular model sells well, it lives. If not, it dies. It's that simple. As far as we know, the Dodge Charger SRT8 will remain very much in production. Remember, Fiat-Chrysler is repositioning Dodge to be its official performance division, thus its re-absorption of SRT. But if you must have a 300 SRT8, it’d be best not to waste too much time to go ahead and buy.

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