Jeep Had To Stop Cherokee Production Because It Ran Out Of Steering Wheels

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That's not at all embarrassing.

There are many, many components that make up the final product that is a car, and the steering wheel is one of the most vital. As it turns out, Fiat Chrysler had a bit of a problem last week regarding Jeep Cherokee production: it ran out of steering wheels. All production came to halt at the famous Jeep plant in Toledo, Ohio. So what the hell happened here? Automotive News reached out to the supplier that provides the steering wheels, Mexico-based Key Safety Systems Inc., asking, essentially, what the hell happened?

No answer was received. With a lack of steering wheels, Cherokee production was cancelled for most of last Wednesday and all of Thursday. Even Grand Cherokee production, which takes place up the road in Detroit, was temporarily shut down for the same reason. Wrangler production, however, was unaffected. Fortunately, Cherokee production got up and running again Friday and Saturday, and Jeep was even asking plant workers to volunteer to run an additional production shift today. Working on Sunday? Hey, people want their Cherokees.

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