Jeep has Big Plans for the Near Future

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Jeep is currently in the process of preparing new models as well as making sure favorites like the Grand Cherokee and Wrangler remain exciting and competitive.

With Chrysler finally back on track these days thanks to its relationship with Fiat, its always-popular Jeep brand is getting ready to roll out some much-needed new models in the near future. Aside from longtime favorites like the Wrangler and Grand Cherokee, there have simply been too many duds in recent years (Compass, Patriot, we're looking at you) not to mention the Liberty staying in production well past its prime. But a new report from Car and Driver provides a glimpse at what we can expect to see from Jeep in the next couple of years.


We've already reported that a diesel-powered Grand Cherokee will debut at the Detroit Auto Show next month, but the next project buzzing is the Liberty's planned replacement. Set to launch later in 2013, the new model, possibly to revive the Cherokee name (as the Liberty remained in overseas markets), will be based on a Fiat platform that will offer all-wheel-drive and maybe even a diesel option at some point. Jeep is targeting it to compete head-on with the likes of the Toyota RAV4 and Ford Escape. Jeep also says that it'll give its "customers the opportunity to do something very special with their Wrangler that they've never been able to do before" in 2013.

Possibilities here could be something along the lines of the Mighty FC and J-12 concepts or some other retro styled variant. The Compass and Patriot will be replaced in 2014 by a single model that'll be based on the same platform as the Dodge Dart, which itself was adopted from Alfa Romeo. Also around this time Jeep will unveil a Mini Countryman/Nissan Juke rival. A new seven-passenger Grand Wagoneer is also in the cards, but its future isn't certain just yet. Unfortunately, Chrysler has confirmed that aside from the Grand Cherokee SRT8, no other high-performance Jeeps are being planned.

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