Jeep Drops First Teasers For This Year's Easter Safari Concepts

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Is that a pickup we see? Or are we mistaken?

It's that time of year again where Jeep starts slowly building excitement for the annual Easter Jeep Safari. The 57th running of the annual gathering of off-roaders will be held April 1-9 and is sure to delight the eyes and ears of every rock-crawling enthusiast. This year, like every other in recent memory, the brand is bringing along a host of one-of-a-kind versions of Jeeps new and old to celebrate and show off what the brand has to offer.

To get us excited in the weeks leading up to it, the brand has released a couple of sketches of different models it plans to bring to the show. Now, these two teasers don't exactly seem as exciting as the two last year, but there's still some good information to parse through here.


The gray image with sparks of tan and blue seems like a pretty cut-and-dry affair, especially with the words 'Jeep Performance Parts' scrawled in the background. From what we can tell, it's a Wrangler Unlimited 4xe that will be showing off all the fancy new parts that jeep has to offer.

If you didn't know, the brand has really been pushing the parts recently aiming to make the car easier to live with after offroading on tough terrain. The new rugged parts create more durable interiors that include vinyl seats and a heavy-duty floor system.

From the picture, we can also see tubular doors and a tubular roof structure. Perhaps the vehicle is going for a fully uncovered look, in which case we imagine the new JPP parts will be included.


As for the second model, the bright green in the image is striking, but not as striking as the appearance of what seems to be a two-door Gladiator featured within. At least, that's what it strikes you as, it's hard to be sure we're not just looking at a cool Wrangler either.

Regardless, the door opening not only features the lack of a door, but also an entirely different shape than we're used to, maybe previewing some sort of futuristic take on a model.

We would be lying if we said we wouldn't be excited about a two-door gladiator. Since the model's inception, the absence of one has been understandable, yet has left enthusiasts and journalists yearning for more. Jeep knows this, and has brought similar models like the utterly sublime J6 and, to a lesser extent, the Jeep Bob Concept in years past to taunt/ gauge interest in such a model.

Are our predictions correct? We'll just have to see. Luckily, the show is only a few weeks away, and that means we're due a few more concepts in the meantime.


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