Jeep Hybrids: It's Only a Matter of Time

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Say it ain't so. Well not yet, but just wait.

Jeep purists won't be at all thrilled, but a hybridized Jeep is coming in the very near future. Although a specific model hasn't been designated yet, a Chrysler product planning manager recently told an Australian website that a Jeep hybrid is inevitable. We are absolutely looking at different things in that field and we are very active behind the scenes in the development of these (hybrid) systems and how it fits into our profile," the manager stated.


The big issue Jeep has with hybrids, obviously, is how to guarantee continued off-road capabilities with greater emissions regulations. Part of the answer could be to adapt some form of electrical assistance such as the instant torque provided by electric motors. In other words, Jeep may be the first brand to introduce hybrid off-road systems. However, Jeep is concerned about the reliability of such a system as well as the range of battery packs under harsh conditions. Fortunately, the manager also said that "We always want to make sure a Jeep can get you home."

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