Jeep Introduces Powerful New Wiper Blades For Wrangler And Gladiator

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Need to get the mud off? These will get it done.

Few automotive experiences are more enjoyable than driving through a massive mud puddle in a lifted off-roader. But if your wiper blades aren't up to snuff, getting all that mud off the windshield can be a struggle and potentially dangerous. That's why Jeep has introduced new high-performance windshield wiper blades that clear the windshield quicker and use less wiper fluid. The blades are now available for Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Gladiator models (from 2018 and newer) through Mopar's Jeep Performance Parts catalog.

"Our new, innovative JPP performance wiper blades quickly restore visibility while tackling the toughest trails by keeping the washer fluid where it belongs - on the glass," said Mark Bosanac, North America senior vice president, Mopar service, parts and customer care. "Perfect for off-road or on-road driving, our new ultra-capable wiper blades are just one of the more than 500 quality-tested, factory-backed parts and accessories in our Jeep portfolio."


So how exactly do these new wipers work? The video shows how the fluid comes out of 12 laser-cut holes in each blade, covering the entire windshield more effectively and clearing away all dirt and debris on the first stroke. The new blades disable the standard spray nozzles, which are far less accurate with where they apply fluid. Jeep says the system minimizes "blind seconds" where the driver can't see out of the windshield while driving.

Similar technology has been applied by other automakers, such as Mercedes' Magic Vision Control, but this is the first time we can remember seeing an automaker offer it through a parts catalog. BFGoodrich offers a wiper blade specific for off-roading, but it looks like Jeep's in-house effort is even more effective.

Customers can now order the JPP performance wiper kit (Mopar part number PW100013AB) in the United States and Canada. The kit is priced at $140, including the arms, blades and tubing for initial installation, plus a replacement blade set. Considering you can pick up a set of wiper blades for under $20 at most auto parts stores, that's a hefty price to pay for this kit. If you do a lot of mudding or are willing to pay a premium for safety, these could be a reasonable purchase. These are the most interesting windshield wipers we can think of, at least until Tesla's patented laser wipers become a reality.

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