Jeep Is Laughing At Ford's Bronco Tire Problem

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Nothing like promoting the competition, right?

The Goodyear Wrangler tires are the go-to rubber for off-road customers and automakers alike. These tires are both wildly popular and highly capable of going just about anywhere, so it's no wonder Ford chose them for its all-new 2021 Bronco. However, these tires did present Ford with a problem, or rather a marketing-related problem: the Ford Bronco would feature the name of its Jeep Wrangler rival at all four corners. What to do?

Motor1 reached out to Ford and learned that the automaker was fully aware of this annoying issue for quite some time. Instead of not using Goodyear Wranglers at all, the Blue Oval had a request for the tire manufacturer: remove or move the Wrangler markings. A Blue Oval spokesperson has confirmed "[The Wrangler name] will be removed from the Goodyear's sidewall on the onboard side. Bronco customers will not see it unless their tires are off the vehicle and in the inboard side is visible."

Front Angle View Ford
Sideward Vision Ford
Straight-Ahead Angle Ford

While this should resolve the issue, which we're sure Jeep finds quite amusing, it was still not possible for Goodyear to eliminate the Wrangler wording entirely because the name is "still part of [Goodyear's] aftermarket branding."

It's also important to know that not every Bronco trim will be wearing Goodyear Wranglers. There will be a total of six unique tires sizes ranging from 30-inches to a massive 35-inches, the latter is for the Wildtrak. Ford's official Bronco media photos showcase the SUV wearing BFGoodrich tires instead.

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The tire issue was certainly unusual and it's good a solution was found. But still, we can't help but wonder whether a majority of Bronco owners would have even noticed the "Wrangler" written along the tire sides. And even if they did, would anyone actually care?

Perhaps Ford's request to Goodyear wasn't even necessary and only brought to light an issue that could have been easily brushed aside.

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2018-2021 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Side View CarBuzz
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Source Credits: Motor1

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