Jeep’s Newest Teaser Hints At A Vicious Hellcat Powered Wrangler

But will it have the same 2.7-second 0-60 mph time as the Trailhawk?

In late March, the annual Easter Jeep Safari takes place in Moab, Utah. It’s the typical get together for offroad fanatics and would be otherwise insignificant if Jeep hadn’t announced it will be taking seven custom Jeeps with them to show off at the event. The automaker has only said a word or two about the Jeeps it’s bringing, but the most interesting of the seven is a Jeep Wrangler concept dubbed the “Trailcat,” which sounds suspiciously close to 'Hellcat.'

Jeep has been dangling its Hellcat-powered Grand Cherokee called the Trailhawk in enthusiasts’ faces for an eternity, but this teaser from Jeep hints at the possibility that the 6.2-liter supercharged V8 Hellcat engine could crawl its way into a Wrangler. Stoking the fire of the imagination is a shy snapshot of the Trailcat’s side fender and hood, which seems to have enough exhaust vents to handle an engine in the 707 horsepower league. Jeep also leaked a shadowy side shot of one of the other trucks it’ll bring to Moab called the Crew Chief. No figures or specifications have been released about either car, so for now we’ll have to hope that our horsepower-laden wet dreams come true.

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